Best life insurance companies in the world

Blog Tino – A life insurance policy is common term that provides peace of mind for those who this coverage,  A life insurance policy ensuring the family left behind will be taken care of financially by an insurance company when the policy holder’s death. On other things, A life insurance policy can provide security for your family, and protect a home mortgage or help you to take care of estate planning needs when you plan to purchase new home. However, Before you committing to get a life insurance policy, it is quite helpful to know where a life insurance companies come with the best reputation, and  which a life insurance companies that can provide the most effective coverage for you.

The Genworth Life is a companies that operates in United States and the company operates through three segments: US Mortgage Insurance,  Retirement and Protection, and International life insurance. Genworth Life Insurance was formed out of various insurance businesses of General Electric Company, In 2015, Genworth Life company was recognized by as the number seventh most admired company in America, and this company recommended for those who seeking cheap life insurance in United States
State Farm
State Farm was originally founded in 1922 in United States this company just focus for automobile insurance only, State Farm is a group of financial and insurance services companies in the United States. The corporate headquarters are in Bloomington, Illinois. this company has grown as significant during the last century and now State Farm inc. provides top quality coverage for almost every people in United States who seeking insurance. State Farm offers full customer service, high quality insurance policies, and also services for investment purposes.

American General
American General has corporate headquarters are in New York City, United States, This company Offering a wide variety of universal life insurance, whole life insurance and also term life insurance policies, American General corporation with more than 100 million customers in 125 countries around the world and has received high marks from several life insurance reviewing companies such as A.M. Best (A), and S&P (A+). American General is most known for its low pricing and flexible plans for those who seeking life insurance.
West Coast Life
West Coast Life is a financial and insurance service holding company in Birmingham, Alabama, United States, this company was  Founded in San Francisco in 1906, This company offers Universal Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, and Survivor Life Insurance. West Coast Life Insurance  company has more than a fifty years of history proving as one of the top life insurance companies in United States. West Coast Life Insurance has annual revenues over $4.40 billion and assets of $75 billion in 2015.
Legal & General Group Plc
Legal & General Group is one of the best insurance companies,  Legal & General Group is a multinational financial and insurance services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. This company offers products include general insurance, life insurance, and investments. This company has operations in the United Kingdom, Egypt,  Germany,  France,and the United States.

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